Lyrics to Falling


Lyrics to Falling

Seasfire-Falling. Amazing song and song choice for 16 April 2012 at

That Sense…

It’s week 3 and I think this week I’ve got something really special. Actually, I don’t think I do, I know I do.

First, the photo. This was snapped on a visit to Slough in England. I layered it with textures in photoshop to give it a feel that I thought fit with the way the song this week moved me. Plus the old look of it fits right in with the poor resolution from my poor little Nikon coolpix point and shoot camera that took these and the other photos so far. I say … use what you got to make the art you want.

But enough about that, on to the lyric and the song and it’s a big one. Brace yourselves because this band Seasfire is truly something special. They’re from Bristol and this song is a game changer. When I first heard it about 4 weeks ago I said to myself, they put more than time and talent into this track, they put a bit of their souls and that is when music really reaches another level. It’s haunting, it’s old, there’s a rawness and it’s full of emotion. In other words, it’s perfect. Remember this name, Seasfire. They are legit and they have something to share with the world.

Alrighty, you may already know this band and know this song, but if you don’t you are in for a treat. Trust me.

Remember, you can follow my PhotosLyrics Pinterest boards for pics of the PhotosLyrics bands  and I’m slowly gathering a playlist of every week. This project is slow going, only once a week but what a week it’s going to be if you take some time out to get to know Seasfire.

Yup, I think that’s what we should do this week and you can start by checking out their facebook band page and their tumblr and their twitter … can you tell I like this band?

Have an amazing week everyone and see you on Friday for the start of DanceFridays!

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